Social Media Strategy In 3 Words

It’s easy to start a social media presence these days without ever defining what the purpose and strategy is behind it.

At West Ridge Church, social media is at the core of our communications strategy. Our Facebook Page has grown 70% over the last 15 months and has a weekly reach of about 14,000 who are seeing content associated with our page. We’re seeing our Twitter engagement growing rapidly as well. My favorite part about this? Most of this has been done through some incredibly talented volunteers!

The strategy that has kept us grounded as we write posts and get more people involved is this:


  • Keep people in the loop on what’s happening in the life of your church
  • Ex: Events, Next Steps, Teaching Series, Serving Opportunities


  • Build community and conversation
  • Ex: More ?’s – Less Periods, Humor, Pictures, Stories, Prayer Requests, Replies, Retweets, Comments


  • Encourage and resource your audience
  • Ex: sermons, scripture, resources, inspiring quotes, challenge for the day,

Don’t get so lost in what has to be promoted through social media that you lose sight of the purpose of it. Social, two-way engagement that adds value to your community.

The great thing about this? It doesn’t only apply to churches. This idea of PROMOTE, ENGAGE, ENCOURAGE can apply to a personal, non-profit or business social media strategy.

QUESTION: What does your social media strategy look like? Leave a comment!

  • I think we’ve done a great job of this at Soul City Church in Chicago. Each week we post key points and questions from the sermon, encourage prayer requests and volunteer sign up, and retweet like crazy on Sunday. Our social strategy is centered around content. connection, conversation and consistency.

    • Love that, Deanna! Consistency is such a huge piece of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Mitch Moyer

    Love this Phil, The simplicity of it cuts to the core of social media presence and helps create successful purpose. Keep it up.

  • Guest

    I like your social media strategy Phil. It’s simple and concise and therefore would be easy to implement–laser-focused.

  • Gary Sanders

    Love it. Simple, clear, and practical. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great explanation Phil!

  • such a simple framework but its really made it clearer in my mind how we can better use social media (and why we might!). Now I just need to find those volunteers 🙂

    • Thanks, Rowan! I’ll be writing some about recruiting/working with volunteers in social media here soon. Best place to start would be looking at who is already active on social media and has a good tone to their writing. Easy place to start is give some people a project of writing 10 potential posts on an upcoming event/series/next step. Then, coach them from there. It’s a good way to see if people will be dedicated to the team and work well with writing for social media.

    • Hey Rowan, I just did a new post on how to build a volunteer social media team that you may want to check out at

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  • Renovatedhearts

    I didn’t have one till now 🙂

  • Adam Parker

    Wow, great write up. We are evaluating this at our church right now (got a fair number of followers but pretty low engagement). Thanks for sharing Phil!

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