Social Media Strategy In A Picture

I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the SoCon14 Conference here close to my home in Kennessaw, GA today and speak on the topic of social media strategy. The talk was about putting a strategy in place to effectively share your story and connect with your audience in the ever-changing world of social media.

I was planning on just sharing some of my notes, until Kristin Leydig Bryant walked up and handed me this after the session. This is way cooler than an outline, so check it out and download a print-ready version to share!


Download PDF

  • Phil,

    Love this! Reminds me of some of the intentional work Leadership Network does in showcasing notes in visual form. I’d love to be more intentional, even with my own teams at utilizing this type of note taking. Somehow it engages different aspects of the mind and, for me at least, seems to crystallize the content in a better way. Or, have teams report on their work, through pictures and diagrams as a way to engage different aspects of their brain. Super difficult for me to do, but I always enjoy the outcome, if even that process is difficult. Love it! Nice work