Behind The Scenes: All In (Free Resources)

A couple weeks ago at West Ridge Church, we wrapped up a four-part series called All In. This series was designed to share what a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ looks like and to challenge our church to be ALL IN.

Our communications team was presented the challenge to create a short message bumper for each week that would help bring the topic to life. These topics where: Love, Grow, Serve, Share. What we ended up with was one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on with our incredible communications team. Take a look

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Four Steps To Communicate Your Vision

I may not know you, but I think I know something about you. If I had to guess, I’d say that right now you have a vision for something big you’d like to accomplish or you’re working with others to see a vision come to reality. Almost every church, non-profit organization, entrepreneur, business or cause has a vision they are trying to accomplish.

So why aren’t we seeing more people accomplish their vision? What’s holding you back most likely is not your vision. For many of us, the problem is communicating that vision to move people to act.

The biggest mistake of communicating vision is focusing solely on communicating the information to people. The information is important, but that alone will rarely inspire your audience to make the vision a reality.

Here are four steps to help you effectively communicate your vision: Continue Reading »

The Crippling Fear of Being Disliked

I like to be liked. I’m a born people pleaser, ENFJ, pastors son who cares deeply about what people think of me and works hard to earn the respect of others.

As a Communications Director at a large church, I get requests every day from ministry leaders looking to promote the great things they have going on. My gut instinct is to always say “YES” to each request. Why? Because I want to see their event or ministry be successful and help play a part in that. However, if I’m honest, there’s a little more to it than that.

What I’ve had to learn the hard way is that my tendency to say YES often comes from a fear of being disliked. I fear that people won’t understand that an answer of NO doesn’t mean that I don’t support them or what they do. I fear they will make personal judgements on me instead of understanding the role I play as a communications leader. I fear they will talk behind my back and blame me for their event’s lack of success. I fear. Continue Reading »

8 Tips For Effective Series Planning

Getting a series from idea to execution is a process that many churches do 8-12 times a year. Isn’t this something we should get good at?

I’ve talked to very few communication leaders, creatives, worship leaders or pastors that are content with their effectiveness in series planning. Here are 8 practical tips to help change that.

#1 – Get in a rhythm


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ECHO 2013

I had a blast being part of my first ECHO Conference this week and doing a breakout on creative series planning. Here are some of the resources we talked about in this breakout session:

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Free Download of Series Graphics Battles & Beats

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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Designer

Graphic design is hard work. Here are 10 statements to avoid when talking with a designer:

  1. This won’t take long.
  2. Give it a “wow-factor”
  3. Have you seen that Papyrus font? Let’s use that.
  4. Here’s a low-res picture I found on Google Images. Can you blow it up and put it on a banner?
  5. Make it pop.
  6. What this needs is drop shadows. Way more drop shadows.
  7. Just go make it creative.
  8. I don’t need the brochures until our event in two weeks. But the printer needs them tomorrow. So…
  9. There’s too much white space. Let’s add something.
  10. How’d you design that? Do you use Microsoft Publisher?

Got something to add to the list? Share it in the comments below:

The Forgotten Role of Communication Leaders

Have you ever had a ministry leader come up to you with a big idea? It might start with talking about their ministry/event and jump right to “We need t-shirts”, or “We need a billboard”, or “We need a new logo, business cards and pens. Lots of pens.”

What’s funny about these conversations is the ministry leader is often expecting the “creative team” to jump right into adding the creative flair to the project and get it done.

What I’ve learned is that, as communication leaders, there is a crucial part of the job that many of us have forgotten. Yes, we need to promote and create SWAG from time to time. But honestly, that’s a small part of the job.

The crucial role that many communication leaders overlook is that they see themselves solely as a marketer, not a partner with the ministry. Marketers promote things after the planning and strategy have been completed. What we need to be is partners in the process.

What does that look like? We need to start asking the right questions before we jump right into a project. Here are the questions I ask any time I meet with a ministry about creative communication needs. Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why I Say No To Creating Multiple Facebook Pages

If you’re involved in church communications, I can almost guarantee within the last month that one of these things has happened to you:

  • Someone asked if they can create their own Facebook page for a ministry
  • Someone didn’t even ask and you found out they created a Facebook page for their ministry

We all know that Facebook and social media can be an excellent way to promote, engage and encourage our audience. But it’s also something that we need to approach strategically, just like we would with any other ministry decision.

There are two types of strategies you can use for Facebook Pages:

  • Centralized strategy with one page that focuses on church-wide content, but also includes ministry content.
  • Scattered strategy that has one church-wide page, but also allows other ministries to create their own pages.

I know of some churches that are using a scattered page strategy successfully. I’ve personally used both strategies for managing social media for a church and have found the centralized strategy to produce better results.  Continue Reading »

The Secret To Great Series Design

One question I get asked frequently is “What is your process for creating series art?”

As the Communications Director, I act as the art director for any series design and branding package we do. I rarely am the one creating the graphic, but I work through the creative approach we’re taking on the series and direct the process while working with a designer or creative team.

There’s one document that I use for each series branding project that has been crucial to success. It’s called a Creative Brief.

Here’s what is included in the document and what the process looks like for creating great series design: Continue Reading »

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