Four Ideas To Move Volunteers From Interest To Full Engagement

Two years ago, it finally hit me that the way I was trying to get volunteers engaged on the communications team was not working. I was passionate about getting people plugged in to use their gifts to serve the church, but had no focused volunteer strategy to move people from interest to full engagement. People were getting lost in the process, and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. It was time for a do-over.

Here are four simple things we did to improve our volunteer engagement for communications:

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How To Build A Volunteer Social Media Dream Team

One of the most frequent questions I get about social media for churches is how to run a volunteer based social media team. Reality is, for most churches, social media is too big of a job for one person to handle. So how do we fix that? Through building a volunteer social media dream team.

Volunteer teams don’t develop overnight. They develop through strong leadership and easy on-ramps to get people involved.¬†Here’s a quick overview of key roles on the team and steps for engaging new volunteers in social media. Continue Reading »

Social Media Strategy In 3 Words

It’s easy to start a social media presence these days without ever defining what the purpose and strategy is behind it.

At West Ridge Church, social media is at the core of our communications strategy. Our Facebook Page has grown 70% over the last 15 months and has a weekly reach of about 14,000 who are seeing content associated with our page. We’re seeing our Twitter engagement growing rapidly as well. My favorite part about this? Most of this has been done through some incredibly talented volunteers!

The strategy that has kept us grounded as we write posts and get more people involved is this: Continue Reading »