Redefining Excellence

For my first five years working in creative ministry, I was obsessed with the idea and the destination of “excellence.” I always felt excellence was a value often forgotten or overlooked in the church world, and I tried to make it my mantra as a young creative to fix everything and bring it up to a level of excellence I could be proud of.

I still love and value excellence. I think it’s critical to effectively communicating the story of what God is doing in and through our churches.

However, as I look back at that first season of ministry, there was something missing. Now I realize that drive for excellence created a steady rhythm of being overwhelmed, frustrated and feeling like I never arrived anywhere.

Everywhere I would look, I would find things that need fixing, frustrated by things that I couldn’t control or speak into, and facing challenges with limited resources and staff. I was wasting sideways energy on so much that I couldn’t control, feeling like excellence was the destination that I’d never actually get to arrive at.

If I was going to survive and be effective in the call God placed on my life, a couple things needed to change. Continue Reading »

A 5 Day Experiment on the Power of Social Media

A few weeks ago at West Ridge Church, we conducted a social media experiment. I’m a big believer in the power of social media, but to be honest, the results shocked me.

On Tuesday, January 7th during our Lead Team meeting, we were talking about Terence Lester, one of our church planters who created an innovative ministry called Love Beyond Walls. His focus is giving a voice to the homeless of Atlanta and building relationships with them to help change their lives. Terence put together a campaign called 6,000+, where they were looking for donations of socks, gloves and hats to give to the 6,000+ homeless in Atlanta that go to sleep without a home. The deadline to submit donations was in 5 days, and they were 2,000 short of their donation goals at that point. We wanted to be a part of taking care of this need and mobilize our church to play a part. Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why I Say No To Creating Multiple Facebook Pages

If you’re involved in church communications, I can almost guarantee within the last month that one of these things has happened to you:

  • Someone asked if they can create their own Facebook page for a ministry
  • Someone didn’t even ask and you found out they created a Facebook page for their ministry

We all know that Facebook and social media can be an excellent way to promote, engage and encourage our audience. But it’s also something that we need to approach strategically, just like we would with any other ministry decision.

There are two types of strategies you can use for Facebook Pages:

  • Centralized strategy with one page that focuses on church-wide content, but also includes ministry content.
  • Scattered strategy that has one church-wide page, but also allows other ministries to create their own pages.

I know of some churches that are using a scattered page strategy successfully. I’ve personally used both strategies for managing social media for a church and have found the centralized strategy to produce better results.  Continue Reading »

How To Build A Volunteer Social Media Dream Team

One of the most frequent questions I get about social media for churches is how to run a volunteer based social media team. Reality is, for most churches, social media is too big of a job for one person to handle. So how do we fix that? Through building a volunteer social media dream team.

Volunteer teams don’t develop overnight. They develop through strong leadership and easy on-ramps to get people involved. Here’s a quick overview of key roles on the team and steps for engaging new volunteers in social media. Continue Reading »

Social Media Strategy In 3 Words

It’s easy to start a social media presence these days without ever defining what the purpose and strategy is behind it.

At West Ridge Church, social media is at the core of our communications strategy. Our Facebook Page has grown 70% over the last 15 months and has a weekly reach of about 14,000 who are seeing content associated with our page. We’re seeing our Twitter engagement growing rapidly as well. My favorite part about this? Most of this has been done through some incredibly talented volunteers!

The strategy that has kept us grounded as we write posts and get more people involved is this: Continue Reading »