Behind The Scenes: All In (Free Resources)

A couple weeks ago at West Ridge Church, we wrapped up a four-part series called All In. This series was designed to share what a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ looks like and to challenge our church to be ALL IN.

Our communications team was presented the challenge to create a short message bumper for each week that would help bring the topic to life. These topics where: Love, Grow, Serve, Share. What we ended up with was one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on with our incredible communications team. Take a look

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8 Tips For Effective Series Planning

Getting a series from idea to execution is a process that many churches do 8-12 times a year. Isn’t this something we should get good at?

I’ve talked to very few communication leaders, creatives, worship leaders or pastors that are content with their effectiveness in series planning. Here are 8 practical tips to help change that.

#1 – Get in a rhythm


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Easter 2013: A Communications Case Study

Easter 2013 has now come and gone. If you are part of a church staff or creative team, you know how crazy the weeks and months are leading up to a huge day like this. At West Ridge Church, we had an incredible weekend across 2 locations with our highest attended weekend ever. Here’s a look at the communications plan and some some things I learned:


Early on in 2013, I mapped out a plan to work from on communicating Easter services at West Ridge. As we got closer to Easter and had a better idea of the theme and elements of our Easter service, this was tweaked accordingly. For big events like Easter, I typically create a one-page promo plan outlining how we are promoting the event in all of our major channels. This is a huge help to not only me, but our staff team. Here’s what that plan looks like: Continue Reading »

A Simple Method For Capturing & Telling Stories

It’s not that hard to lead people to Jesus when you tell them a story which they are in.
-Erwin McManus

One of the most powerful ways to cast vision and inspire life change is to share a story. 

At West Ridge, the vision of our communications team is to tell the story of what God is doing in and through our church. Through 15 years, we have seen thousands of lives changed and have witnessed powerful stories throughout our community, country and world. But to be honest, it has been a challenge to capture and tell those stories to the rest of the church to help inspire others. Continue Reading »

Work Smarter, Not Harder

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first hour sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

The most successful projects I’ve been a part of have one thing in common: at the beginning, time was taken to establish the problem needing to be solved and the objective of the project. Without this crucial beginning, the failure rate, frustration and time wasted grew exponentially.

In my early days of working primarily with design and websites, I would get a project and jump right into creating. I would open up Photoshop and get to work. Occasionally, I would end up with something good. The majority of the time, I would find myself stuck because I had no foundation to work from or filter to make decisions by. I was working harder, not smarter. This was difficult when working by myself, but chaotic when working with a team. Continue Reading »

Series Planning Process

One of the most common things church creative teams do is take a sermon series or service from idea to execution. Throughout the years, I’ve been surprised to see that most churches do not have an intentional system and process in place for sermon series planning.

Every churches process may look slightly different, but here’s a process we’ve put in place at West Ridge Church to keep our Teaching, Creative Arts & Communications Teams on track throughout the series planning process.

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