10 Things You Should Never Say To A Designer

July 15, 2013

Graphic design is hard work. Here are 10 statements to avoid when talking with a designer:

  1. This won’t take long.
  2. Give it a “wow-factor”
  3. Have you seen that Papyrus font? Let’s use that.
  4. Here’s a low-res picture I found on Google Images. Can you blow it up and put it on a banner?
  5. Make it pop.
  6. What this needs is drop shadows. Way more drop shadows.
  7. Just go make it creative.
  8. I don’t need the brochures until our event in two weeks. But the printer needs them tomorrow. So…
  9. There’s too much white space. Let’s add something.
  10. How’d you design that? Do you use Microsoft Publisher?

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